On my usual daily visit to drop my kids at school, I came across a shocking incident. 90% of the crowd will come to the school only in the last 10minutes and it is always a chaotic time. A car dashed a scooter in which a mother was driving with 2 kids…but the mom some how balanced and ensured that the kids didn’t fall off the bike!!!…Thank God!!! was my words, as I watched is from afar, across the road.

Then, the usual fight ensued between her and the car driver and it was over with the crowd pressing on. As people left the scene and I was walking towards my car, there was a the near by school boy walking along with a girl from the same school (both in the same uniform) and his remarks were to the girl….’the aunty was awesome in her fight’, but nothing happened to the kids…che…he was like disappointed that there was no action!!!…do people expect action in such a scenario??….I was at a loss, as I dragged me along to my car!!!.

Different perspectives….but sad.